LOVE FiLMs Free Trial
Live in the UK and love movies but hate dealing with traffic and picked over selection at the local rental outlets? Tired of being roped into inflexible lending agreements with so called big name online rental sites? Why not open up a whole new world of entertainment with the Free 30 days Trial of Love Films?


Getting your films online offers several packages to fit your budget and viewing habits. Why pay for what you are not using when you can get the films you want, in the formats you want, without having to worry about late fees? You can even watch on your computer, smart TV, tablet and many other internet ready devices Instant.

There are packages to suit every need and budget, whether you are looking for something for the kids, something to watch whilst on the road or you are just a casual viewer.

Imagine, 75,000 titles in DVD and Blu-Ray at your finger tips whenever you want, with no long term contracts. Not only that, new movies are added to the catalog all the time, making it hard to imagine a better deal for any serious film buff but there is more:

LOVES FiLM Instant

Online LOVE FiLM brings Instant cinema to your computer by offering more than 5,000 movies, TV shows and series available for instant streaming on your computer, tablet or game console. Whether you travel a lot or just hate messing around with physical media, you can count on our immediate delivery to your internet device anywhere in the world.

With all these features, its easy to see why more people are choosing Online LOVES FiLM than any other movie rental service, in fact we are so confident you will love their service, they are offering it free for thirty days with no strings attached; simply sign up, select the films you want to see, arrange their priority and enjoy!
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